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About Mr. C

For over 15 years, I've worked with young people to help them make sense of themselves in the world.


I'm the product of great teachers.

I like to think I'm part of that legacy.

My Masters of Education (M.Ed.) specializes in English Language Arts for Adolescent & Young Adults. I have a professional teaching license from the State of Ohio. I received my undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics. 

My path to teaching originated in educational entrepreneurship, with an online platform that allowed students to consider multiple perspectives on a single news topic -- Mondokio International News.

As a classroom teacher, I've taught every grade from age 5 to 18 in the following areas...

- English Language Arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking)

- Music (creativity, focus, movement)

- Social Sciences (culture, sociology, major intellectuals)

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my partner and her 9-year-old. I'm an avid tennis player, folk filmmaker, and terrible surfer.

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